Welcome to the Cryptoverse stake pool for Cardano

Cryptoverse stake pool is a singleton Cardano pool dedicated to only ever host a single Cardano stake pool. Hosted on a reliable hardware and by capable operator with proven track record and over 20 years of professional experience in software development and IT.

The Goal

Maintain a reliable pool for staking and providing the core capability within Cardano distributed network.


A strong belief in Cardano project and desier to engage in dApps development with the upcoming smart contracts are but a small catalyst for this decision to also maintain a staking pool in order to contribute on as many different levels as possible within this ecosystem. A true decentralization can only be achieved by a myriad of small and reliable pools. It is our strong belief that staking should be as spread out over all available pools and not clustered within a handful of big names with too much money on their hands.